We work with a variety of clients in the Evansville area and beyond. Check out the work we’ve done below.

Levco for Prosecutor

Stan Levco was Embrace’s first client! The team worked with his campaign in the Fall election cycle of 2018, right after Embrace was launched. His project consisted of the creation of a promotional campaign video that he could use for social media. Our team wrote, edited and produced the video.

Willard Library

Willard Library approached the Embrace team for assistance marketing their upcoming event  “Heritage Days Festival.” Embrace is created a social media plan and the design of a brand new logo featured on all signs and marketing material for the event, also designed by Embrace.

University of Evansville Center for Career Development

Embrace worked with the Center for Career Development at the University of Evansville to create new and more effective promotional materials. The team worked to create informative materials that can be the foundation of any future marketing plans for the Career Center.  

Health Insurance Associates, Inc.

Health Insurance Associates, Inc. came to Embrace looking to rebuild their business’ image. Embrace revamped HIA’s logo and website, as well as created a social media plan to help fulfill the goals of the client.

“We have been very impressed with all parts of our experience, the logo redo is by far my favorite.”

-Amber Berberich, Manager

Kaitlin Moore Morley for City Council

Embrace was instrumental in creating a public image for Kaitlin Moore Morley, an Evansville City Council at-large candidate. For Kaitlin’s campaign, Embrace created a social media calendar, a website, flyers, and a promotional video. Kaitlin won more votes than any other at-large candidate in the 2019 municipal primary elections.

“Embrace has been easy to work with, incorporates feedback well, the work has been good and the pricing is unbeatable.”

-Kaitlin Moore Morley


ShrinersFest has been an Evansville summer tradition for over a decade, and the 2019 festival is looked to add another chapter to that success. In order to accomplish this, Embrace created a new promotional campaign for the 2019 ShrinersFest based on market research, diverse advertising techniques, and a reallocation of the Shriners budget. Our graphic designer also created this year’s ShrinersFest button.


Alcoa, the world’s eighth largest producer of aluminum, approached Embrace in the spring of 2019. Their Indiana-based Warrick Communications Team asked Embrace to enhance their internal communications system. Our graphic designer and writer have worked closely with Alcoa to produce fresh spreads and articles for the Alcoan magazine. Embrace also produced a graduation spread and brochure for the company.

Other Current Clients