Our crew is comprised of communications and business majors that are passionate about providing high-quality deliverables to our clients.

CEO & Marketing Strategist

Emily Schuster

Our fearless leader Emily doubles her roles as Embrace’s CEO and Marketing Strategist. Emily aspires to put her skills into direct use and become a Communications Director for a political campaign. She is ready to watch Embrace continue to build strong relationships with our clients and the Evansville community. 

CFO & Account Executive

Pam Oliva

From San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Pam is our team’s CFO and Accountant Executive. Although Pam is stellar with keeping our finances in line, she dreams to one day travel the world as a food reviewer, with Greece being at the top of her list. (We hope she takes us with her!) With Embrace, Pam is looking forward to learning more about herself, while working with a great team of people!

Account Executive

Luis Rojas

Luis is from Caracas, Venezuela, and he is serving as our Account Executive! Luis aspires to use his financial and people skills to have a future career as a wealth management advisor. With Embrace, Luis is looking forward to getting the experience of directly working with clients.

Account Executive

Uma Patel

Uma is our outgoing, humanitarian Aquarius, which is why she makes a perfect Account Executive for our team! She would love to use her photography passion to travel the world, with the Philippines being next on her list. She’s so excited to see the progress Embrace makes in her first year on board. (and we are too!)

Creative Director

Jesse Stafford-Lacey

From Kerry, Ireland, Jesse is a proud founding member of Embrace and will continue his position of Creative Director this year! He aspires to use his love for soccer and creative skills to one day be the head of communications for a professional soccer team. Jesse is looking forward to building upon our first year of business, while further establishing Embrace in the tri-state area.

Writer & Account Executive

Grant Burnett

Returning to the team, our Writer and Account Executive Grant is always hard at work behind the scenes creating and organizing content for our clients. He would love to use his talents to one day become a screenwriter or an author. (We are definitely buying that book!) Grant is ecstatic to work with clients that are willing to take risks marketing-wise to actualize their goals.

Graphic Designer

Michaela Kunkler

Our creative Leo, Michaela is Embrace’s Graphic Designer! Michaela plans on using her talents to brand and design for local businesses after graduation. We also hope she gets to travel to her dream destination of Rome to spark her imagination! She is ready to make new memories with Embrace, while learning different skills to help her future endeavors.

Digital and Social Media Specialist

Amanda Ackerman

Using her strong Leo qualities, Amanda holds the position of our Digital and Social Media Specialist. Currently, her dream job is to travel and create documentaries that share others’ stories. With Embrace, she is ready to meet our client’s needs by creating quality content that is unique to the area.

Project Director

Joe Ellsworth

Joe Ellsworth serves as the Project Director for Embrace.

Joe is the retired Co-Founder and Principal at Fire & Rain Marketing/Communications.  He was Founder and CEO of Fire & Rain’s forerunner, Rainbow Communications.
These companies served major corporate clients across the nation, including Microsoft, Motorola, Alcoa, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Qualcomm, YUM! Brands, and hundreds of others in his 30 years at the helm of these firms.  His companies were the recipient of Addy, Telly and Emmy awards.

In retirement, Ellsworth serves not only as Project Director for Embrace, but serves in the same role for Bright Blue, the Butler University student-run marketing/communications agency.  Additionally, he consults with clients nationally on the subject of brand development at communication strategy.

He has worked in or traveled to over 40 countries.