The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for establishing the  vision and culture of Embrace, and making key business  decisions to enact that vision and culture. The CEO also acts as  a liaison between the University of Evansville and the agency.  This includes communication with the agency’s advisor,  advisory committee, and other school officials. Finally, the CEO  oversees all client projects to ensure that high-quality work is  being produced in accordance with the established project  budget. This position is full-time. 


The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for maintaining the  agency’s financial viability. They create monthly and yearly  profit and loss statements, financial projections, and client  invoices. The CFO also works with relevant University  Business Office members to coordinate payroll for members and  collection of payment from clients. This position may be full or  part-time.  

Account Executive

Executives are the liaisons between clients and the rest  of the agency. They are responsible for identifying prospective  clients and overseeing the client acquisition process, including  facilitating meetings, leading capabilities presentations, and  writing proposals of services. Once a project is awarded, an Ac count Executive serves as the primary point of contact for the  client to communicate with the agency. Account Executives are  also responsible for coordinating with relevant team members to ensure that projects are completed in accordance  with established deadlines and guidelines. This position may be  full or part-time. 

Marketing Strategist

The Marketing Strategist is responsible for ensuring that all  client projects are grounded in strategy and positioned to  achieve a client’s business objectives. They are responsible for  conducting independent research and must be able to ask  critical questions to determine the client’s needs. The Marketing Strategist often works closely with the creative team  to bring projects to life. Lastly, the Marketing Strategist is  responsible for reviewing final products to ensure they align  with research and desired outcomes. This position is full-time.

Creative Director 

Creative Director oversees the agency’s output of creative  deliverables, including graphic design, video production,  website development, and social media management. They must  be able to convert a client’s business objectives into tangible  products and/or services. The Creative Director is responsible  for dividing tasks between multiple members of the creative  team – Graphic Designer, Writer, and Digital and Social Media  Specialist. They must also coordinate with the Marketing  Strategist and Account Executive to ensure all project components form a cohesive set of deliverables. The Creative  Director is also charged with maintaining updated and attractive marketing collateral to promote the agency itself, including  the agency website and social media. This position is full-time. 


The Writer is responsible for writing and editing all materials  created by Embrace, both for clients and internal agency use.  Written content must be grammatically correct and effective in  achieving stated business objectives. Types of content may include press releases, advertisement copy, website copy, business  names and taglines, blog content, script writing, and internal  business documents like proposals.

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer is responsible for ideating and  designing all visual content for Embrace, both for clients and  internal agency use. Content must be visually appealing and effective in achieving stated business objectives. Types of  materials may include logos, website designs, social media  graphics, digital and print advertisements, vehicle decals, and  more.  

Digital and Social Media Specialist

The Digital and Social Media Specialist is responsible for  creating digital multimedia content for Embrace, both for  clients and internal agency use. Content must be appealing and  effective in achieving stated business objectives. Types of  content may include social media management, photography,  video production, audio production, and website development.